As 2009 is winding to a close. You probably are evaluating your past goals and setting new goals for 2010.

Are you where you want to be in your writing career and your life?  If not, what can you do differently to bring those goals into reality?

You’ve probably heard that people are more likely to accomplish goals that are written. That’s true. However, there are additional techniques that can move you closer to accomplishing your goals.

What do you want your life to be like this time next year?  What is your ideal life?  Sit down and imagine that life. Write down the details. What are you doing? How do you spend your time.

How do you feel?  Include your emotions. You’re a writer. Show your ideal life. Use your senses. Feel the joy of your ideal life. Why do you want this life? What are your rewards? Vividly describe these details.

What needs to happen to bring create your ideal life? Work backward from your goal. What have you accomplished?  What was the last step before you accomplished it?  What was the step before that?

Break your goals down into manageable steps. Where do you need to be each quarter? Don’t try to accomplish the entire picture all at once.

You can accomplish great things when you stack SMART goals. Stacking means set SMART goals every week. Accomplishing a little each week adds up to big things in the long run.

SMART goals are goals that are

Specific — Your goal is well defined

Measurable — You’ll know when you have achieved it

my mastermind page. Then go to Mastermind for Writers to submit your information for groups that are forming.

At the very least, leave a comment and tell us what your goals are for 2010. Check back regularly and tell us how you are doing. If you are having problems, let us know that too. We may be able to help.

Have a great New Year!!!!

Write on,


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