I used Article Video Robot to make a sample video from an article that I had sitting on my hard drive that hasn’t been published anywhere yet. The only premium feature I used was the website branding.

I didn’t spend a lot of time tweaking and editing this video. The text is cut off on the right side. If I had put it up on YouTube, it would be sized better.

Article Video Robot sounds like a great way to create videos quickly. It’s designed for converting levitra cheap articles to videos. However, the same techniques could very well be used for creating book videos. I will continue to review it, but the following is my first impression.

It works well for presentation type information. You can use the headline and subhead format. You can also add pictures, but they pop in and don’t stay on screen under the text.

They have a good selection of photos for Internet Marking subjects. For most other subjects you may want to upload your own images.

There is a fairly large music library. However, there isn’t much detail about each piece. You can also upload your own music. Just make sure to use music that is royalty free.

There are two levels of Article Video Robot. The premium level provides an advanced editor and lets you brand a website URL across the bottom of the entire video.

If you are using Article Video Robot for converting articles into videos, you may want to write using a little different style. The techniques that work well for Power Points presentations will work well here as well.

Here are some tips I’ve learned from my short testing.

  • Eliminate contractions
    • The computer-generated voices don’t handle them well
  • Create a long version of the text before generating the voice file
    • The text will be read as written
  • Edit the text to format and shorten into bullet points
    • Use the title and subhead format for these

You might want to upload your own voice-over. The Article Video Robot software makes it easy to do.

If you want to use videos to broaden your promotion efforts, Article Video Robot makes it easy. I’m not yet convinced it’s the best way to make book trailers.

I’ ll keep testing and let you know.

If you’d like to do your own testing, Article Video Robot has a free trial. Please share your findings here, if you do give it a whirl.

Leave a comment and tell me what’s your favorite method of creating book videos.

Write on,

Lynn Jordan


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