When your business is writing, your written words are your most valuable asset. What would happen to your manuscript if your computer failed to boot up tomorrow? Would your current manuscript be gone? IDrive Online Backup Can you access your work from another computer? The more your use your computer, the greater the chances are one of these days it will fail. Using online  backup software can help keep your precious words safe.

Do you ever wish you could access your files from another computer? Would you like to be able to use your files while you are away from home? Online backup can let you access your files from any computer with an Internet connection.

Online backup software copies the files from your computer and stores them on the company’s servers.

Those servers are backed up regularly with industry tested software and procedures.

If your business relies on your computer, you know how important it is to make sure your data is safe. You can replace your computer, but there’s no way to replace your files.

There are several companies will upload your backups and let you access them from other computers.

Make sure the company you select offers these features.

  • File encryption
    • Your files are secure as they travel across cyberspace and when stored on the companies servers.
    • Only you have the encryption key.
  • Download your files to any computer
    • Make sure you are able to download your files from anywhere.
  • Continuous backup for some files
    • The software will backup any file as soon as it is edited. Usually this feature is available for smaller files.
  • Ability to backup open files
    • Your files can be backed up even when you are using them.
  • Ability to schedule your backups for a time you aren’t working
    • You want to determine when and how much resources the backup program uses. You don’t want to fight it for computer time when you want to work.

Most companies offer a free backup of 2GB of data. You can sign up for a free account and try their system. You can even try several companies and back up your important files for free.

However, when you  find a service you like, make it easy on yourself and use one company consistently.

I use IDrive to backup my HP laptop. It’s the computer that’s been back to the mothership twice last year. I really appreciated having access to the files, even though the computer was gone.

It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you use something. You’ve worked hard to create your words. Make sure they are safe.

Tell me how you are keeping your writing safe. Leave a comment!

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