As usual, Facebook has made more changes. It seems as soon as folks get things figured out, Facebook switches things around.

Everyone will be upgraded to the new look in March. However, you can upgrade now if you like.

This time the changes are mostly to the Facebook pages. This is good news for those of us using the pages to promote our business.

Here are some of the changes. I’ll discuss others in later posts.

* You can BE your page

The biggest change for those of us in business is the ability to use the identity of your page in your in comments.

This divorces your personal identity from your professional identity. You are also able to switch back and forth between identities.

* Photos give your page eye appeal

Five photos appear across the top of your page. You can showcase your covers or anything you wish.

* Tabs are gone

The tabs are missing. Navigation is now in a menu on the left of the page. This may be confusing for folks at first. Soon everyone will forget that the tabs ever existed.

* Email notifications

You can receive email notifications whenever anyone posts or leaves a comment on your page. This is really help you interact with your fans.

* Featured pages

You can feature other pages that your page “Likes”. That way, you can cross-promote your other pages, different books, or other writers.

This is a brief look at some of the changes. Later I’ll talk about the others. One change may cause us to use Facebook differently.

What are your thoughts about the new Facebook look? Have you upgraded your pages? Leave a comment below and share.

Write on,


PS. I have set up a new page for my Social Networking for Writers course. Check it out and grab the free report. Please “Like” the page so it can get a decent URL instead of the ugly default.


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