I’ve been talking with a lot of writers lately about social networking. I’ve been asking what are their biggest problems and stumbling blocks.

The answers have been varied. However, most have a common theme. As I’ve asked more questions and gotten to know each situation better, I’m finding the same mistakes being repeated.

These common mistakes are:

  • Doing nothing or very little

People hear all these things they need to do. One person tells them they need to be on Twitter, another says LinkedIn, still another tells them they need a blog. They don’t know how to do any of it, and they have no idea where to start. They become overwhelmed and do nothing.

  • Trying to do to much

People take to heart everything they’ve been told. They start by trying to do a little bit of everything. They also spend too much time and don’t have time for their writing, their business.

  • Not using their social networking time effectively

Once they are on a social networking site, they become distracted and don’t make good use of their time. They find out what their friends from high school are doing. They watch funny video after funny video.

  • Not setting up their profiles correctly

No one can find them on the social networking sites. They are hidden from readers and industry professionals.

  • Promoting, not connecting

Social networking is all about relationship building. Writers who promote with every update soon become unfriended and unfollowed. People want conversations, not to be sold to.

  • Not spending time on the right sites

In order to attract readers, you need to be in the places where your readers hang out. It’s a waste of your time to spend your time in sites that don’t appeal to your readers.

  • Not having a blog

You need your own home on the Internet where you can interact with readers. All of the other social networking sites should point readers back to your blog. You don’t have to put up a blog the minute you start your social media efforts. That can come later.

  • Not having a system to tie the networking efforts together

A system will put your social networking on auto pilot. It ties everything together and magnifies your online visibility exponentially.

It really bothers me to see all these great writers fail to bring in readers simply because they don’t know how to use social networking effectively.

My co-author, Jeannette Koczela, and I have put together a home study course that breaks down social networking into small modules with step-by-step instructions with screenshots that show you exactly what to do. This course takes you by the hand and leads you through the confusing process of building your online presence.

Pick up our free report at SocialNetworkingforWriters.com. It will help you get started in building your online visibility so that you don’t make these social networking mistakes.

Where are you in your social networking efforts? What are your questions? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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