Blog Action Day this year focused on poverty. Over 12,000 bloggers wrote a post about the subject. So, how is this a writing exercise?

Most new writers are afraid of someone taking their ideas. If you’ve been writing any time at all, you know that no two writers approach any subject the same way. If you’ve ever been part of a group where you’ve done writing to prompts, you know how widely the results vary.

Blog Action Day was a huge writing prompt experience. If you read through the Blog Action Day entries, you will find amazing differences in the subjects and the causes promoted.

Here are some samples of what one group of business people wrote. We are all in different businesses and all look at poverty, life, and most other things differently.

Let’s celebrate our differences.

Please take a moment and check out what my friends shared…


Carrie Tucker of wrote, The World is Blogging About Poverty for Blog Action Day 2008, But Can We Talk About Abundance


Micheal Spindelman, “Mr Applicititus” and “TheFlowDoctor” of wrote, What Is Poverty? (Blog Action Day Post)

Jennifer  Carter of wrote, Can You Build Your Portfolio, help End Poverty and Provide Someone Else with a Livelihood all at the same time?!

Tiffany Finley of wrote, Today is B.A.D! Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Annemarie St. Michael of wrote, Can poverty be healed?

John Cussons, “Mr Emotions” of wrote BLOG ACTION DAY 2008 – POVERTY

And of course, I wrote, Will You Participate in Blog Action Day?

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