The Cowboy’s Christmas Present

The Cowboy's Christmas Present


#NewRelease Western contemporary holiday romance.

Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales And Fables

Once Upon A Regency


Pre-order this fairy-tale inspired Regency historical romance collection.

1900 Fans In 10 Days

Have you tried using Facebook Ads to promote your books? 
If yes, did you get good results from your Facebook ads or did you get little results for a lot of money?

If no, have you been afraid to try advertising on Facebook because of high costs or just not knowing how?

I’ve been studying and implementing Facebook ads for awhile now. I’ve figured out a great way to reach and engage readers. How did I do this?

I’ve been learning from Dr. Ben Adkins. He’s a true Facebook guru. The good news is that he’s releasing a new training that goes into more depth about Facebook ads than anything he’s done before.

Of course his information is geared to marketing consultants, both online and offline. However, if you know me, you know that I like to put my own spin on the knowledge I gain. In this case, I’ve been figuring out how to make this work to allow writers to promote books and reach readers using Facebook (the largest social network on the planet).

I’ve built up a Facebook page with over 2000 romance novel fans. This number is small compared to some of the pages that he demonstrates in the course. However, those fans are avid readers of romance novels. They buy books. They read books. And, this method works for all kinds of book, not just romances.

This course will be available starting on April 23, 2013 at 2pm EST. 

He’s offering this for a very low price for the first 7 days. Don’t wait, get it now before the price rises.

Dr. Ben’s information is great. Going through it gave me lots of wonderful ideas. But I want to save you time and effort.

If you pick up the course from this page, as a bonus, I’ll give you a case study of the method I used to get 1900 fans in 10 days. With the advanced information in this course, you’ll be able to beat that number if you apply just a little of what you’ll learn.

Plus, I’ll also host a webinar where you can:

  • Ask questions about your campaign

  • Get a critique of your ad

  • Get suggestions for images and ad copy

  • See my exact method to target readers

Below is the information from Dr. Ben himself. You’ll see it’s not exactly aimed at writers. However, I can fix that. Click here to go over to learn hot to rock Facebook ads and get your special bonuses for writers.

This is the course as Dr. Ben describes it.

Dr. Ben Adkins, has been using FB adsfor a 2 years now to grow multiple offline businesses as well as help other business owners with their ads. He’s figured out how to set up ads in 8 simple, painless

Step 1: Researching Your Market In A Few Minutes
Step 2: How To Target Your Ads So They Go To the Right Folks
Step 3: How to Use “Custom Audiences” To Get Past the Gatekeeper (this is so easy)
Step 4: How To Bid For Your Ads So You Don’t Spend a Lot
Step 5: How To Choose The Right Picture for Your Ad
Step 6: What To Write In Your Ad So It Gets Clicked
Step 7: How To Use “Video Ads” To Shock and Awe A Potential Client
Step 8: “Sponsored Story Voodoo” (yep we’ll leave it at that)

Pretty simple and this stuff is the OPPOSITE of all the
cumbersome courses which take 20 hours to go through.

This stuff just works.

You Can Grab it Here:

But hang on… it gets even better…

Because in one of the bonus sections, Ben lays out a few
“tricks” which put to use these 8 simple steps go to get

These bonuses are

1. The Simple Method To Reach Any Business Owner
and Avoid Their Secretary (unlike the rejection you get she
you call)

2. The Sneaky Way To Build An Easy Audience For Any
“Wedding Driven” business…this will make your potential
client flip out and hire you on the spot…

3. How to build an audience in any local area so you have
assets to market to for any client in your town…

4. How to run stealthy “offers” so your clients “get clients”
almost immediately (Ben used this last week to get over 6
new clients into his chiropractor clinic…IN THE MIDDLE

So as you can see…this product is full of offline gold
and will put a lot of money into your local marketing
business. (Or your writing business if you take advantage of my bonuses)

Dr. Ben is offering this for a very low price for the first week. Don’t wait until the cost goes up. Get it here now.

To claim your bonuses, email your receipt to with “Bonus” in the subject line.

If you have any questions, just drop me a note at the email address above.








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